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REQUIRED - Active Health Professional License / Certification



We do not permit the resale of our products on Amazon, Ebay, or any other third-party marketplaces.

Lauricidin® minimum resale price is $34.95 ($42.95 Canada)

Epi-Shield® minimum resale price is $19.95

Volume discounts resulting in per jar price being below $34.95 for Lauricidin® or $19.95 for Epi-Shield is not allowed.

Do not use our trademarks "Lauricidin" and "Epi-Shield" in paid online advertising like Google, and Bing.

Introduction and Rationale

The following terminology applies to this Resale Policy: “You” and “Your” refers to you, the healthcare professional (“HCP”) doing business with Med-Chem Labs, Inc. “Our,” “We” and “Us”, refers to Med-Chem Labs, Inc. “We” or “Us” can also refer to you and Med-Chem Labs, Inc.

This Resale Policy governs the resale of products from Med-Chem Labs, Inc. All HCP customers must submit an application for approval to establish a HCP account. Wholesale pricing is available only to those HCP customers who comply with the resale pricing set forth in this Resale Policy. We reserve the right to deny any HCP application or to discontinue wholesale pricing to any HCP customer that does not comply with this Resale Policy.

Policy and Restrictions

1. Authorized Resellers. Only authorized healthcare professionals are allowed to resell Med-Chem Labs branded products.

2. Resale of Our Products. You reselling our products online or otherwise does not constitute a separate direct-to-customer/retail relationship. You are only allowed to resale our products to others in the course of your HCP-patient relationship with them. You are only allowed to resell our products in unit volumes appropriate for individual personal use.

3. Copyright and Trademark. The philosophy and integrity of the Med-Chem Labs brand must be consistently protected at all times. Content displayed on our website, in brochures, advertisements, product packaging, product information sheets and other marketing materials are copyrighted and trademarked. You may not use any such copyrighted or trademark protected material in your advertising of our products without our prior written consent.

4. Brand Representation. All photos, images, and descriptions pertaining to or describing our products or company must be current and obtained from us directly. This information cannot be pulled from our website or other internet sources without our prior written consent. This information may be updated and amended at any time. You are responsible to ensure that any information you distribute regarding our products is current and accurate.

5. Information Disclosure. You agree to disclose to use any ownership or association of any kind with any other individual or entity who also sells our products.

6. Compliance with Laws. You are solely responsible to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the advertising and resale of our products.

7. Third Party Websites. You may not advertise, sale or distribute our products through third-party retail websites or auction-type, marketplace or classified–ads–type websites. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to the resale of our products on, eBay, craigslist and similar outlets.

8. Minimum Sale Price. You agree not to sell our products at less than the Suggested Retail Price in effect at the time of the sale. You may not sell our products using any volume discount or other promotion that would cause the per-unit sales price to be less than the Suggested Retail Price.

9. Advertising. You agree not to advertise our products at less than the Suggested Retail Price in effect at the time of the advertising. You may not offer our products using any volume discount or other promotion that would cause the per-unit sales price to be less than the Suggested Retail Price.

10. Assumption of Liability. You agree to assume all liability and responsibility to your patients and customers for the resale of our products.

11. Non-Circumvention. You agree not to contact or communicate with any of our suppliers or vendors in connection with our products. You agree not to purchase any product substantially similar to our products from anyone but us.

12. Confidentiality. You agree to keep confidential any information received by us about our company or products. You may not use any such confidential information without our prior written consent.

13. Default Remedies.

14. Indemnification. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Med-Chem Labs, Inc. and all of its agents, assigns and affiliates from any and all Claims arising from or related to the purchase of products from us. “Claims” means any financial loss, suit, action, or expense, including but not limited to attorney’s fees attributable to bodily injury, disease, death, or destruction of tangible property.

15. Cancellation. All product order cancellations must be approved by us in writing. You agree to pay any restocking fees or other charges applicable to cancelled orders.

16. Refunds. We do not provide refunds under any circumstances.

17. Governing Law. You agree to be bound by the laws and subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Arizona in connection with any dispute or legal matter that involves us.

18. Amendment. This Resale Policy may be amended at any time in our sole and absolute discretion. You agree to be bound by any subsequent amendment to this Resale Policy.

I have read, understand, and agree to the above agreement.*